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About IAS Council

IAS Council is a pioneer in Indo American Education and helps bridge the gap for our Indian students pursuing their further education in America.

The first step IAS Council team took for this was to travel around 86,000 miles to visit more than 120 American Universities to completely understand USA education system and to collect the Universities’ offerings. This is a world record tour, where IAS Council interviewed more than 120 Universities’ Presidents, Provosts, Deans, 500 Professors, 1800 Students, and 9 Nobel Prize Winners.

This work was accomplished by a team led by eminent Journalists. This is a great achievement for IAS Council and no other organization has done such an awareness program on American education in India so far.

This information has been published through more 250 media platforms - electronic and print - all over India to reach the many aspiring Indian students who want to pursue their higher education in America.

Our team have also travelled 200+ higher educational institutions in India and conducted very informative workshops and seminars. Thousands of students have benefited immensely through these workshops. We have also provided necessary informational materials during the workshops.

Corporate Office - USA

5490 McGinnis Village place, Suite 124

Overseas Office - India

Plot no 49, L.I.G.Dharma Reddy Nagar Phase-1, Near JNTU, Kukatpally,
Hyderabad, India, 500072
Andhra Pradesh
D.No. 77-16,143, Shiridi Complex,
Ajith Singh Nagar, Vijayawada, India.