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Entering into University

You should prepare a checklist before boarding the flight collecting all the information and necessary documents needed to be submitted to the university along with all the important utilities needed for your stay in a foreign place for entire period of the program. This is obtained from the seniors or students and friends who are already studying at the University. You can coordinate with International Graduate student's coordinator to notify your visa approval and possible date of travel. This will be helpful for you to reach out to people who assist you and provide temporary accommodation. Making a note of all the travel documents needed to be submitted to the university is also very critical aspect. Buying a flight ticket to the nearby airport which has international connection is another important step while preparing for immigration and customs. You have to provide necessary documents like I20 and place of stay when asked by customs personnel. You should provide exact dates of stay and mention the same as per the VISA stamping information.

  • You should have all the information regarding who is the person going to pick up at the airport.
  • Details of temporary accommodation close to the university campus.
  • Possible coordination with other fresh students until the process of student orientation is completed.
  • They also assist in identifying key offices on the campus like Graduate Office, Department office, Library, Athletic facilities etc.
  • Attending international students orientation conducted for 2-3 days by the University is very important this provides an overview to the entire process of studying at the university. Expert counselors will answer all key questions which you have. They provide clarity to the you regarding the entire process of completing the program.
  • Selecting a graduate student advisor in the process of studying master’s program is very necessary for you as he guides you to complete his or program, perform research work underneath him and to graduate with THESIS or Non THESIS option.
  • Awareness of weather, climate, driving conditions is important as you need to prepare yourselves for extreme changes in the climatic conditions.

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