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Transcripts/Credentials Evaluation

Some universities require evaluation of transcripts and certificates from students who are intending to attend a foreign institution (college or university). These must be evaluated by an evaluation company specializing foreign credentials. This is a standard process for an international or domestic student, these third-party evaluations are required for the courses to be recognized as equivalent to a U.S. baccalaureate or graduate level work. These Universities recognize two evaluation services listed below. Each company has varying requirements, fees schedules, and documentation requirements based on the type of institution attended and the location of campus. Close scrutiny of your academic history, including course transcripts are mandatory. You should consult the evaluation services’ website to confirm the specific documentation and other requirements needed before submitting your request. When requesting evaluation of foreign transcripts, please remember the following

  • Baccalaureate programs: A certified English translation and a detailed course-by-course evaluation report of your transcripts by one of the agencies approved by FPU (AERC or WES).*
  • Graduate/Seminary programs: A certified English translation and evaluation of your transcripts by one of the agencies approved by the universities mostly (AERC or WES) that verifies that you hold a bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree that is equivalent to a degree granted by a regionally accredited college or university. When ordering an evaluation, the candidate must request a course-by-course report rather than a document (degree) report to verify their GPA for admissions and programmatic requirements. The document (degree) report is included in the course-by-course report.

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