Why Should You Partner with Indo – American Student Council?
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  • To Attract Qualified Students via our Student Workshops.
  • To Receive Hassle Free Admission Application Packets.
  • To Market Your Institution and expand your reach to A Wider and Relevant Audience.
  • To boost your Academic Partnerships across the globe via our Partner Network.
  • To encourage Inclusivity via Diversifying your Campus by recruiting students from across the globe.
  • To develop Innovative Education Solutions via Partnering with us.
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Partner Schools/Colleges/Universities

Indo - American Student Council has till date built exclusive partnerships with 100+ Universities with the assistance of our journalist team members. Indo – American Student Council has interviewed more than 100+ Universities Provosts, Presidents & Deans, and 500+ Professors & 1000+ Students.

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Recruit Qualified International Students

Indo-American Student Council organizes Student Workshops on a regular basis to ensure that students have access to relevant resources that will enable them to make informed decisions about higher education in other countries. The workshops are excellent opportunities to meet motivated and competent students with diverse profiles.


Market Your Institution &
Expand Your Global Reach

Indo-American Student Council provides you with the fantastic opportunity to broaden your international reach through our online platform, student events, and global partner network. Connect with us today to learn more about our collaboration opportunities.

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Indo-American Student Council

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