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Are you one of those individuals who is planning to go to an undergraduate/graduate school in the USA or any other foreign destination? Are you one of those students who would want to diversify your experience and education via Study Abroad opportunity? If yes, then you might already find yourself surrounded by so many questions like: Which tests you need to appear to be eligible for admission process, visa requirements, university selection, course selection and so much more. Scroll down for answers to all your queries.
How will Indo-American Student Council Assist Students?

Profile Evaluation - University & Courses Shortlisting - University Application - Visa Application - Pre & Post Departure

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  • Connect with Indo - American Student Council.
  • Submit a Registration Form with your profile details.
  • Our counselors will evaluate your profile and understand your interests and strengths.
  • Take relevant study abroad tests: GRE / GMAT / TOEFL / IELTS / SAT / PTE
  • Our counselors will assist you in shortlisting relevant courses and universities based on your scores and profile.
  • Our counselors will assist you in submitting university applications & tracking your applications status.
  • Upon receiving an admit & I20, our counselors will assit you in Visa Application process.
  • Upon receiving your visa, our counselors will assist you in preparing for pre & post-departure activities.
Why Students prefer
Indo-American Student Council?
  • Round the clock availability of Admission Counselors.
  • Ease of process from Profile Evaluation to Visa application.
  • Access to 100+ highly rated Universities.
  • 1000+ Student Testimonials
  • 100+ Videos of Universities & Interviews of Professors
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University Application Checklist
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  • Application deadlines
  • Valid Passport
  • School & College Transcripts
  • Financial documents [ Bank Statements, List of Assets, Financial Statement from Bank]
  • Test Scores [ GRE / GMAT / TOEFL / IELTS / PTE / SAT – depending on the requirement of the University]
  • Statement of Purpose [ SOP ]
  • Letters of Recommendation [ LOR ]
  • Application Fees
  • Resume or CV
Application Deadlines

Make a note of the deadlines for applying to the universities you want to attend. Because putting together an application packet will take a significant amount of time, keeping track of deadlines will assist you in planning. The passport is one such time-consuming document that is required even for appearing in study abroad exams such as the GRE.

Students are strongly encouraged to plan at least 12 - 16 months ahead of the semester for which they desire to apply for admission. This will give you enough time to appear for exams, obtain a passport, and gather other documents for your application packet.

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Transcripts of all previously attended colleges and schools are required to be submitted along with the application packet.

Transcripts are confirmation of your academic foundation, and they are required to enroll in your preferred degree program. International Students may also be required to convert their grades to the most widely used academic grading system in the United States, the grade point average (GPA). These conversions can be obtained by working with a credential evaluator, who may also be able to translate your documents into English if necessary. Make sure the credential evaluator you choose is a certified evaluator. WES (World Education Services) is one such renowned trusted leader in providing evaluation services.

Financial documents

Financial documents such as bank statements, loan approval letter & list of assets, indicate that you can afford to pay for your degree program. While the total program fee is unlikely to be paid in advance, these documents demonstrate that you have the necessary funds to cover anticipated costs over time. Collecting these documents can take some time, especially if you're asking for a student loan to help pay for your degree program.

Test Scores

To assess your ability to communicate in English, most US institutions require students to take one of the major English language exams, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or PTE. The ability to communicate in English is essential for success in academic degree programs in English-speaking nations. Other examinations, such as the GRE/GMAT, may be required by some university departments in addition to English Language assessments. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to learn about the university's criteria and prepare for the examinations before the application deadlines.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose (SOP), often known as a personal statement, is a vital component of a graduate school application that informs admissions committees about who you are, your academic and professional interests, and how you will contribute to the graduate program and the discipline to which you are applying. Some institutions allow you to respond to a common application essay question, which is one that is asked on several US college applications while others may require you to respond to a specific question. Remember to be genuine and show your opinion when writing while drafting an SOP. Check if all the necessary sections as required by the university have been addressed, and then get it reviewed & proofread by professionals before including in the application packet.

Letters of Recommendation

As part of the application process, most universities need you to submit at least 2 letters of recommendation. A letter of recommendation is a written statement from an individual that highlights and can vouch for your personal, professional, and academic skills, as well as why you would be a good match for your chosen program.

Recommendation letters allow institutions to acquire a more objective view of who you are by looking at you through the eyes of someone else. Your letter of recommendation should come from someone who has worked with and/or taught you before, and it should provide the university or college an honest view of who you are. Keep in mind that before you send your recommendation letters to your institutions, they must be written in English or translated into English.


Departments within a university may request that you submit a resume or curriculum vitae to help them better understand your qualifications for the program. Make sure to highlight your academic, professional, and extracurricular qualifications, as well as any awards and achievements.

Resumes should be one page long and highlight your abilities, education, and work experience, as well as any awards or other noteworthy accomplishments. On the other hand a CV uses 2 or 3 pages to summarize your abilities, education, work experience, awards, and accomplishments, allowing you to add extra detail if you have substantial expertise.

Preparing a college application packet on your own can be overwhelming. With the help of our study abroad counselors learn more about how to apply to colleges in the United States, as well as how to shortlist an university and receive end to end admission application support. Advisors can also help you apply for an F-1 visa, provide résumé advice, and more.

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